Bathroom Renovations

According to the EPA, most homeowners update their bathrooms to save energy and water. But sometimes, a bathroom renovation is needed to feel new, attractive and fresh! That’s where American Renovation Services comes in.

A new and updated bathroom also provides health benefits because old fixtures usually have a lot of hidden bacteria. Remodeling gives you an opportunity to repair unsafe areas in the bathroom, such as soft spots on the floor or moldy walls. You can also fix any other component that is not functioning properly.

If your bathroom is too small, a new layout can open up the space. Lighting in key areas can help bring a small space to life! This strategy makes the space appear larger.


Professional bathroom remodeling can allow property owners to easily create the space and atmosphere that will provide them with a more comfortable household and a more attractive home. From access to a wider range of materials, fixtures and installation options to the building code knowledge needed to ensure renovation efforts can be completed without additional problems and issues, the services of the right professional can be a key asset. Working with a bathroom remodel company that has the experience, reputation and resources needed to assist you in your efforts is never a concern that should be left up to chance. American Renovation Services is here for you!

Obtaining Planning Assistance When Planning a Renovation

We provide a detailed and professional assessment of your existing plumbing, fixtures and bathroom layout to better provide you with options and ensure that your remodeled space meets your needs and dreams. For home and property owners, a bathroom remodeling contractor is essential to ensure your remodeling project achieves the results you desire. Discussing materials, fixtures and installations with the right company allows you to discover many opportunities that could easily be overlooked.

Speedy Completion on Bathroom Renovations, Remodeling and Upgrades

American Services of TN, LLC can ensure that your home improvement efforts and bathroom remodeling projects are completed more quickly and conveniently. Lacking access to a bathroom for even a short period of time can be a serious inconvenience for the entire household. Our highly-trained and experienced craftsmen can ensure that your efforts to improve your surroundings and add value to your property can be completed with far greater ease and convenience than you may have thought possible. Dealing with the wrong service or attempting to handle a bathroom remodel on your own can result in lengthy delays that you would be wise to avoid.

Superior Services for Superior Results

Top-notch installation and renovation services are essential for ensuring quality results. Poorly handled bathroom renovations can create no end of problems and issues that may leave you less than enthusiastic about your surroundings or forced to deal with additional costs in order to correct mistakes and ensure the job is done right. Updating bathroom fixtures and upgrading walls, counters, and tiles that have begun to show their age requires a wide range of tools and resources. American Services of TN, LLC provides a comprehensive service guarantee to ensure homeowners will be completely satisfied with the full-range of renovation, restoration and remodeling services that may be required in order to create the perfect bathroom.

What to Expect From Your Remodel

Our staff offers one-on-one consultation and assistance throughout the entire remodeling process. From the initial consultation, to helping you select the best improvement options and choices, to ensuring your remodel is able to provide the level of satisfaction and enjoyment you are seeking – our staff will be with you every step of the way. American Services of TN, LLC is committed to providing our clients with the quality workmanship, assistance and remodeling solutions that can make a difference. When it comes to home improvements and upgrades, it pays to do business with only the best.

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