Convert Your Attic

Convert Your Attic into a Functional Living Space

Have you thought about adding extra living space in your home? Perhaps you need a new room or living space to accommodate mountains of toys and provide a play room for the little ones. Or maybe you have a family member that unexpectedly needs to come live with you or simply need a quiet office space. Whatever the case may be, if you are looking for additional living space in your home, then why not convert your attic into a comfortable living space? Depending upon the current size of your attic, you can certainly convert it into the type of room you need and the process can be easier than you may imagine. Though it is not as simple as just painting the walls, spackling the ceiling and moving the appropriate furniture in, it can still...

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Nashville Kitchen Remodeling

Christian Based Company Provides Customized Nashville Kitchen Remodeling Services

If you are a homeowner looking to perform a number of home improvement projects and are in search of a top-rated contractor and remodeling services company to turn your dreams into realities, then the Christian based team here at American Services of TN, LLC are the perfect team for you! From bathroom renovations, outdoor living space additions and our top-rated Nashville kitchen remodeling options, we have got you covered. A kitchen remodel is a surefire way of adding to the look, feel, appeal and overall value of your home and is something our team of professionals take a great deal of pride in performing. PROFESSIONALS YOU CAN RELY ON Here at American Services of TN, LLC, our team of dedicated professionals stands ready to meet your every home improvement project need including customized kitchen remodeling projects. We...

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Home Improvement Specialists

Top-Rated Remodeling and Home Improvement Specialists

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes as well as their overall value.  Remodeling and renovation projects can certainly accomplish these goals set out by many homeowners.  With that said, if you are looking to perform a home improvement, renovation or remodeling project, then look to the team here at American Services of TN for your certified home improvement specialists. Our team of dedicated professionals strive to deliver the highest quality products and services to all our valued clients.  No matter what your preference is, the size or type of your renovation or remodeling project, or the budget you are working with, we are definitely the team for you.  Here at American Services of TN we are committed to performance excellence and take pride in our marketplace presence.  Having...

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Important Tips for a Successful Home Renovation

A home renovation project can be a bit challenging, but does not have to be stressful if you take certain steps to prepare for the upcoming construction.  Here at American Services of TN our team of dedicated professionals takes tremendous pride in our premier home renovation projects and in helping all our valued clients get the results they are looking for. With that said, we want to share with you some important tips to follow to ensure your renovation project is successful. Put Your Design and Construction Team in Place – Be sure to choose and assemble your renovation team in advance of any work starting to allow team members to collaborate together and present the design you want in the price range that is affordable to you. This holds true whether you are working with...

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Choosing the Ideal Home Improvement Contractor

When you are beginning a home remodeling or renovation project, the first most important decision you will need to make is choosing the ideal home improvement contractor here in Nashville and the task can certainly be a bit challenging.  With the wide range of contractors available in Nashville, it can be stressful and every bit frustrating to find the ideal contractor that you can trust.  Contractors will need to have access to your home throughout the renovation project and will need to adhere to your individual timelines and budgets as well.  With that said, the dedicated team of highly experienced contractors here at American Services of TN wants to share some important steps to take when selecting a Nashville home improvement contractor that will possess all the expertise and know-how needed for your renovation project...

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Important Must Do’s for a Successful Home Renovation Project

Performing a home renovation project can be quite challenging, but it does not have to be frustrating or stressful if you perform a few very important must do’s in advance of the start of construction. The team here at American Services of TN take a great deal of pride in our affordable, premier home remodeling and renovation services. With that said we thought we would share some all-important steps homeowners should take before their construction begins in their efforts to ensure their home improvement project is all they hope it to be. IMPORTANT MUST DO’S 1. Design, Renovation Company - First and foremost, decide on your design, renovation company, your contractor or your architect and be sure to put your team in place upfront so that each member of your design and build team can work together...

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Winter Home Renovation Projects to Consider

For most of us during the fall and winter season, when the weather is cooler, the days shorter and the nights longer, staying in and setting by a fireplace in the comfort of our own homes is typically the traditional way to spend time. Most of us don’t remotely think about home renovation projects, especially during the winter months. However, the team here at American Renovation Services has some winter renovation ideas that may very well just hit home for you. While it makes perfect sense to put off any major home renovation projects or remodeling until the warmer spring season, you shouldn’t overlook the simple fact that the winter months may also be an ideal time of year to perform some home improvement projects that you have forever been wanting to get done. The brisk...

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A Kitchen Renovation Directly Enhances Your Home’s Value

If you are a homeowner wanting to have a kitchen renovation performed, then we are the team for you.  Here at American Renovation Services, our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals take pride in our top-rated services, constructions and home remodeling and renovation project performances. As we all will agree, the kitchen is truly the heart of any home.  However, over time, you may find your kitchen is cluttered, cramped, quite outdated and perhaps even unattractive and dingy.  Your kitchen space should be not only inviting and appealing to your own family members, but to all your guests as well, especially if you spend a good deal of time entertaining guests or interacting with family. LET OUR TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS TAKE CARE OF YOUR KITCHEN REMODELING PROJECT There are a number of simple tweaks you can perform in...

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Patio Designs

The Benefits of Innovative Home Renovations

It only makes sense that the ideal way to give your home a whole new look is by way of home renovations.  Remodeling often is a great deal less costly than going out and finding a new home to buy.  American Renovation Services provides the highest quality, comprehensive and innovative remodeling and renovations that are perfect for any space in your home.  We are committed to providing our valued clients with renovations that ideally fit their lifestyle, their budget and their taste. Our team of dedicated professionals are on hand every step of the project from the initial design phase right on out to its completion date.  Our outstanding team of dedicated technicians and contractors is having the experience, expertise and know-how to handle nearly any type of home renovation or remodeling project.  From remodeling one...

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bathroom remodeling TN

Stylish Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Concepts

If you are considering a bathroom remodeling for your home, the team here at American Services of TN wants to share some new ideas and concepts you should consider when putting your remodeling plan in place.  The overall functionality of your bathroom should be the primary focus of your remodeling project, and we are confident these ideas and concepts will help. BATHROOM REMODELING IDEAS, CONCEPTS AND CONSIDERATIONS Plumbing – Upgrading from the typical 1 ½” pipes used for drains to a 2” drain pipe can make a desperate difference in minimizing drain clogs. We all know how much hair and other particles go down a drain and the problems that can arise.  With 2” drain pipe the less likely it is that your drain will clog. Bathroom Lighting – Recessed lighting fixtures in your bathroom ceiling...

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