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custom built garages

Are you like so many other homeowners who, perhaps, have a carport on your property where you house your car, truck, or even your boat? You probably have noticed, season after season, that a carport cannot effectively and entirely protect your vehicle, whether a car, truck, small camper or a boat since it is open on all sides. Your vehicles are unable to stay clean in a carport nor are they fully protected from the elements. With all that said, the team of highly skilled professionals here at American Services of TN, LLC take pride in creating, designing and building custom built garages that are sure to meet the individual needs of all our valued clients.


A carport cannot protect your vehicles housed within from leaves, dirt, sand, and the many outdoor elements. When this occurs, your vehicles, though stored, fall prey to the elements and can, over time, become damaged and lose their overall value. Carports are not enclosed, which is the prime reason why stored vehicles can suffer not only in their aesthetic presence but in their overall functionality as well.

If you currently have a carport and are in search of a solution for protecting the appearance, functionality and value of your vehicle, then you have definitely come to the right place. Our team of dedicated consultants, designers and builders are committed to providing all our valued clients with the highest quality consultation, products and services this side of the state. From design and framing to concrete and overall build, our team of professionals handle it all.

Replacing your carport with a single-story garage of near to the same size as your carport is a surefire solution. During the most inclement weather conditions, a garage will provide you with the protection you need for your vehicle to help maintain its integrity, appearance and value. Our team of consultants and designers are on hand to help you choose the proper size, material and location for your new garage addition and stand ready to meet your every need.


Once you have determined the appropriate site for your garage, construction by our team will progress timely and smoothly. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our cleanliness and organization, our marketplace presence, and adhering to contracted timelines. Our commitment to helping each and every client of ours to enhance not only the aesthetic appeal of their homes, but the value of their property as well is first and foremost for our team.

We work right alongside of you every step of the way and give much attention to your ideas, concepts and your questions. Our team is on hand to answer your every question and discuss all your concerns and to assist with all your important decision making. We help you choose the ideal size and location of your garage, as well as the best materials and overall design as well. We want to ensure that our clients’ needs are met and that the final product is one that will surely make you the envy of all your neighbors.


Whether custom built garages, additions to your outdoor living space, or any type of interior or exterior remodeling or renovation projects, we are the team for you. Our team is steadfast in our commitment to stand out in the marketplace well above our competitors and take pride in not only our superior products and services, but in our affordable prices and our attractive timelines as well. For all your remodeling, renovation and home add-on needs look to the highly reputable and friendly team here at American Services of TN, LLC.

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