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Convert Your Attic into a Functional Living Space

Convert Your Attic

Have you thought about adding extra living space in your home? Perhaps you need a new room or living space to accommodate mountains of toys and provide a play room for the little ones. Or maybe you have a family member that unexpectedly needs to come live with you or simply need a quiet office space. Whatever the case may be, if you are looking for additional living space in your home, then why not convert your attic into a comfortable living space?

Depending upon the current size of your attic, you can certainly convert it into the type of room you need and the process can be easier than you may imagine. Though it is not as simple as just painting the walls, spackling the ceiling and moving the appropriate furniture in, it can still be a somewhat easy task to perform.


The team here at American Services of TN, LLC wants to take this time to offer our valued clients some useful tips on converting an attic space into needed living space.

  • Research and understand local codes – To start the process, it is important to know your local codes and any other existing renovation requirements. There are a number of ordinances that put restrictions on the height and width of ceilings and many require that your attic must have a staircase as well. Be sure to know the codes.
  • Costs to insulate your attic – In order to convert your attic into livable, useable space, you will need to be able to control the temperatures in the room. Some of the newly constructed homes today already have insulated attics. However, if you have an older home that does not have attic insulation, then you will need to research the cost of adding insulation. Attic insulation contributes to the overall comfort of the newly converted room while minimizing energy bills as well.
  • Installation of a fan in the attic – The best way of removing any humidity from your attic space is by way of a fan. A fan will also keep the temperatures in the newly designed space comfortable. Often times an attic fan contributes to keeping the entire upper floor of a home cool and comfortable year-round.


Depending on the overall size and the shape of your attic space, you can potentially convert your attic into a functional living space that will be beneficial to your family. Here are a few ideas our design team wants to share with you.

  • A bedroom – You can easily transform the higher level of your home into a trendy little bedroom space. Your attic space will need to accommodate a bed, a dresser, and perhaps a couple of other smaller pieces of furniture. Whether you have routine house guests, or just want your own bedroom away from it all, this practical attic conversion may be the perfect option for you.
  • A quiet office space – If you need your own quiet space to work, an attic office can be the perfect retreat for you. In a quiet attic office, you can focus on all your work and enjoy the quiet you need to actually get things done. Adding a bit of natural light to your attic office can help with your productivity and even help to inspire your thoughts and work as well. You may need overhead lighting, if there are no windows, or if you prefer, you can supplement the lighting needed with a couple of stylish floor lamps.
  • A play room for the kids – If you find there are countless toys all over the dining and living room areas, then perhaps it’s time to give the kids a little space of their own. An attic playroom is an ideal way to utilize the upper floor space and a practical idea as well. You can install soft flooring, as well as storage cabinets and toy boxes to keep all their toys, books, video games and the likes organized once playtime is over for the day. You may want to decorate the room with your children’s favorite characters and drawings as well since it may be a room where they will spend a good deal of time.


Here at American Services of TN, LLC, our team of designers and consultants stand ready to assist with all your creative ideas and needs. An attic can certainly be the ideal space for a new room in your home and our team is on hand to help. Whatever you choose, we want to be sure that when you convert your attic and perform your remodeling that it is up to all safety codes, requirements and regulations so you and your family can certainly enjoy your newly added space for years ahead.

If you are looking for the ideal way to add functional space to your home, then surely you have come to the right place. Whether ensuring proper codes are met, the design of your newly added space is sufficient, or performing the entire build, we are the team for you. If you want to convert your attic into usable, living space, be sure to reach out to the team here at American Services of TN, LLC today. We look forward to serving you and to helping you turn your attic space into the perfect livable, dream room! Start living your dream by reaching out to our friendly team today!

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