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Don’t Overlook the Damages a Leaking Roof Can Cause

leaking roof

As homeowners we are all familiar with the fact that a leaking roof can occur over time. Though the occurrence is somewhat familiar, the amount of harm a damaged roof can do is not. We would all agree that the roof of your home is a defense mechanism against the outdoor elements. When a leak occurs, you are apt to experience a wide range of problems.

Potential Damage

A leak can start out as a very small issue, perhaps even just a tiny drip, drip, drip. However, over a period of time, a variety of other issues can occur that can impact the structural integrity of your home. Some such compounding issues include:

  • Excessive water damage – It goes without saying that the most obvious damage that can occur from a leaking roof is that of water damage. When water makes its way into your insulation, attic, or walls, mold infestation can develop as well as corrosion and overall deterioration.
  • Mold growth and infestation – Whenever water or moisture is present, rest assured mold growth is not far behind. Mold can cause a variety of health issues for you and your family. Additionally, when water damage occurs removal of water and remediation can be quite costly and hit your wallet hard.
  • Structural integrity of your home – When moisture is allowed to remain the wooden structure of your walls, attic and other components can become extremely wet and drastically compromised. When this occurs, the structural integrity of your home is impacted.
  • Electrical and fire hazard – When water enters your home by way of a leak in the roof it can find its way to your home’s electrical system and can cause grave danger and even cause a home fire.
  • Increased energy and utility bills – When you have a leaking roof the air in your home, whether cool air-conditioned air or heat, is able to escape your living space into the outdoors. When this is allowed to happen, you will undoubtedly see an increase in your utility and energy bills since your system has to work a whole lot longer and a whole lot harder to keep your home atmosphere safe and comfortable.

Common Causes of Leaks

  • With the outdoor elements and various storm conditions, your roof may experience damage to the shingles. High winds from storms can cause your shingles to become loose, damaged or become removed altogether. When your roof becomes vulnerable as a result of loose or missing shingles, you may ultimately experience leaks over time. Be sure to repair any damage, no matter how minor you may think it is, right away so as to avoid costly repairs down the line.
  • Clogged gutters – The heavy rain of any storm can cause debris, sticks, leaves and other materials to get into your gutter system and become clogged. When the gutters become clogged, they are unable to drain the water properly which usually results in standing water. When standing water is present, it adds a noticeable weight to your roof which can eventually result in leaks and maybe even a collapse.
  • Damage to flashing – During a storm the flashing that is present around your chimney or your vents can become damaged by the strong winds. When damage occurs often times a gap is created that allows the water to find its way into your home and cause all types of damage to walls, ceilings and other components.

It’s Best to Take Precautions

There are a number of negative consequences that can occur when you have a leaking roof. With that said, the team here at American Services of TN, LLC wants to remind our valued clients that it is best to give immediate attention to any leaks or roof damage. We strongly recommend that you have routine inspections performed on your roof. A regularly scheduled inspection allows our technicians to identify and locate leaks early on or any other issues that may exist.

Once problems are identified, our trained professionals will provide effective repair solutions promptly in order to prevent any further damage from occurring. We want to help you avoid costly roof repairs whenever possible. We also recommend that you keep your gutter system clean season after season and be sure that you have adequate ventilation in your home’s attic. Finally, whenever a storm occurs, it is best that you perform a quick inspection of your roof thereafter. You may not see leaks right off the cuff, but upon inspection you may notice areas where damage can actually occur over time. It is always best to be proactive.

Bottom Line

At American Services of TN, LLC, we take tremendous pride in our top-rated roof repairs, services and replacements. We are steadfast in our commitment to meet the individual needs of all our clients and to ensure the overall comfort and safety of your home and family. For more information about our superior roof repairs, services and replacements, be sure to reach out to one of our staff today. If you have a leaking roof, remember it’s best to take immediate steps to repair the problem before you find yourself faced with an enormous costly project to restore comfort, protection and safety to your home and family. Don’t delay. Contact one of our team today and schedule your roof inspection. You’ll be glad you did.

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