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Outdoor Living Space Ideas Including Stylish Sun Porches

Sun Porches

There are many homeowners who would appreciate more living space in their homes to accommodate their family members, guests and overall lifestyle. For many, performing a room addition is the ideal option when space and budget is available. A room addition can certainly be a very sizable and costly home improvement project, making it somewhat out of reach for many homeowners. However, there are other options, such as sun porches and covered patios, that allow you to create additional outdoor living that can effectively be used to entertain guests or accommodate the needs of your family and your lifestyle.


Here at American Services of TN, LLC we believe that outdoor living areas are an ideal option for many homeowners and one that allows family and friends to enjoy that which nature provides, from enjoying the blossoming spring flowers to taking in the magnificent colors of the beautiful fall leaves. It is important to choose the right outdoor space that is right for you and your family, whether a covered patio or even a three-season sunroom or sun porch to name a few.

  • · Three-season sun porch – A sun porch can provide you with an appealing solid structure that can accommodate lifestyle and individual needs. This stylish addition increases the overall square footage of your living space as well as the overall value of your home. Quite a bit less expensive than adding on a conventional room to your home, the addition of a closed in porch can be completed in a faster timeline while creating a transitional space between your indoor living area and that of your outdoor living space. In addition, it allows you to still entertain and keep the party going despite any inclement weather that may unsuspectingly arrive and not have to move the entire party and crowd indoors. You can easily enjoy the great outdoors with a newly installed porch that will afford you all that you need to entertain your family and guests comfortably and enjoy your every gathering, party or festivity.
  • · Covered patio – A covered patio can actually serve as an additional living area. With a covered patio you can also add a hot tub, a television, an outdoor kitchen or even, for all those festive occasions, an outdoor bar as well. Imagine being able to enjoy the sunshine, clean fresh air, the night sky, or even a peaceful rainfall outdoors and still be protected and comfortable? The benefits of a covered patio are many. Your newly installed patio can act as a dining area for both indoor and outdoor gatherings and dinner parties. During football season your covered patio equipped with an outdoor kitchen or outdoor bar can certainly prove to be the perfect entertaining room. Further benefits of a covered patio include turning it into an additional family room or, depending upon your favorite hobby, a meditation, sewing or yoga studio or even a game room for the kids. You can also use your covered patio as a summer guest room or just a summer bedroom where you can escape and enjoy the quiet of a summer evening.


Here at American Services of TN, LLC we strive to meet the individual needs of all our valued clients. We take pride in our premier renovation and remodeling services and are on hand to help you create and design the ideal screened in sun porch, covered patio or any other outdoor living space for your home. If you find yourself in need of additional living space in your home, then be sure to reach out to our team of professionals and schedule your free consultation today. We look forward to serving you and to making your home remodeling dreams come true!

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