Renovate and Update for Spring!

Add beauty and function to your home with updates just in time for spring! The professional remodeling team at American Services of Tennessee stand ready to serve Nashville-area homeowners with exciting spring upgrades. From bathrooms and kitchens to porches, patios and decks, we have the experience and knowledge to make your dreams of a updated space become reality! Let's take a look at some of the renovate and update options American Services of TN can help you achieve. Kitchens and Bathrooms Do you sometimes feel that your kitchen or bathroom has become dated and stale? Perhaps even basic upgrades such as new fixtures, faucets and paint can give your space a fresh new look. Or maybe you'd like to update your flooring to some of the beautiful, new tile options. These jobs can typically be performed in...

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Update your Outdoor Space with a Beautiful Deck!

The Nashville deck builders at American Services of TN are beginning to get busy with new deck projects. With a beautiful spring on the way, many Nashville homeowners are turning to our deck builders to make their backyard space a spot where they can gather with friends and family throughout the year. Adding a deck adds a great living space to a home. Decks are customizable to fit your style and your project’s goals. Plus, with new choices in decking materials, they are built to last. If building your home’s deck is something you’d like to get done before the grilling weather begins, the time to start is now! A well-built, thoughtfully designed deck will be around for many years to come. It adds beauty, functionality, and value to your home. The longevity of your deck...

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Create Your Perfect Home Addition

Improve Your Space with a Nashville Home Addition

When you don't feel comfortable in your space, your home tends to feel more like just a house. Maybe your house lacks the amenities you and your family really need. This could be an especially difficult thing if you're expecting your family to grow. Adding a home addition may just be the thing that can make a difference. Maybe you need a true master suite with a nice walk-in closet and a dedicated laundry room. Or, maybe your family needs a game or hobby room. Our Nashville home addition experts, serving the entire Middle Tennessee area from Bellevue to Hermitage, Franklin to Hendersonville, know how to help you design and build a home addition that makes sense for you and your family. The team here at American Services of Tennessee can help you along each step...

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Smaller Budget Kitchen Renovation

Smaller Budget Kitchen Renovation Ideas

If your kitchen needs a facelift, knocking everything out and starting from the ground up would be considered a full renovation. The kitchen is one of the priciest rooms in most homes, filled with high-tech appliances, high-end flooring, cabinets, countertops, and more. Getting into a full renovation of your kitchen could cost you tens of thousands for a full remodel. However, there are options for smaller budget kitchen renovation projects that can transform functionality and cosmetic appeal of your kitchen without a crazy price tag. We’ll cover some of these ideas in this article to help you make a checklist of what may be possible with your kitchen. First things first Have a budget in mind. When you go into any project, you should have a number in mind that you’re able to live with. Otherwise, your...

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house-painting ideas for 2019

Wintertime House-Painting Ideas to Brighten Things Up!

Winter may put a damper on many of your household projects you’d like to accomplish this year. As winter sets in, we often find ourselves spending more time indoors. Some people like to create cozy spaces in their home, reorganize and repurpose their rooms, and make a great new area to hang out in. Spending extra time at home in the winter can be a good thing, but freshening up the paint colors in your indoor spaces can be an enlightening project! Many people may not realize it, but winter is actually a great time to repaint your home. We’ve compiled this short list of wintertime tasks and house-painting ideas that can help you brighten up your home from the inside out. Interior House-Painting Ideas for Wintertime Winter is the perfect time to get started on the...

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Nashville gutter system

Choosing The Perfect Nashville Gutter System for Your Home

If you are a Nashville homeowner in the market for a new gutter system, then the team here at American Renovation Services is the ideal choice for you. Our highly skilled and certified team of technicians is on hand to take care of all your home improvement needs and want to take this time to share with you some important facts to keep in mind when replacing your Nashville gutter system. Having to replace your home’s gutter system can be both challenging and costly. However, when you rely upon our professional team you can be sure we will provide you with top of the line products and services. We offer quality, innovative products and affordable services that will simply not be matched by any of our competitors. There is no home improvement project too big...

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Take Steps to Avoid Winter Weather Damage to Your Home Inside and Out

Winter weather can certainly bring bitter cold temperatures, snow, ice and gusting winds that can wreak havoc and damage to your Nashville home. With that said, the team here at American Renovation Services want to provide you with some important emergency tips to either avoid or handle winter weather damage. Should your home suffer damage from the winter elements, whether gusting winds, snow, ice or frigid temperatures, it is important that you reach out to your insurance agent or company immediately to report the damage. You should also take video or multiple pictures of the damage, and put temporary fixes in place until such time your claim is approved and processed. For instance, if you have shattered windows, you may want to board them up until your claim is approved and be certain to keep receipts...

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Nashville Sunroom

A Stylish Nashville Sunroom to Take Away the Winter Woes

With the fall months soon coming to a close and winter about ready to make its vivid presence known, wouldn’t it be ideal to invest in an affordable, stylish Nashville sunroom to take in all the winter weather and its elements. With the temperatures outside soon turning cold, relaxing and entertaining guests in your own sun room is a surefire way of enjoying all that Mother Nature sends your way. Here at American Renovation Services you are our #1 priority which is why we are committed and dedicated to providing all our valued clients with the perfect affordable winter solutions. A customized sunroom is sure to afford you all that you and your family need to be able to still enjoy family gatherings while basking in the comfortable Nashville sun. If you are considering the addition...

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Fun Fall and Winter Home Remodeling Projects

Are you a homeowner looking for the perfect home remodeling project to enhance the appearance and value of your home? If so, then surely you have come to the right place. Here at American Renovation Services, we take tremendous pride in our top of the line home improvement projects and services. From kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs, to flooring and even home pressure washing, we handle it all. Kitchen cabinets can certainly be a costly component of your kitchen remodeling project, which is why we highly recommend you give a good deal of consideration to whether you will choose factory made cabinets, or have your cabinets customized. Whether you want to renovate your entire kitchen or just enhance its overall look with specific upgrades, rest assured we are the team for you. There are a variety of...

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Fall Season Repair or Replacement of Your Residential Gutter System

Most homeowners take a good deal of pride in maintaining the structural integrity of their homes. From installing a new roof, adding stylish vinyl siding, or even performing window replacements, each contributes to the structural integrity of your home. However, what many homeowners fail to recognize is that your residential gutter system plays a vital role in your home’s integrity as well.   A properly functioning gutter system allows for the consistent flow of water from the surface of your roof to the gutters and downspouts where it then drains away from your house helping to maintain its overall structure and appearance. At American Renovation Services, you are our #1 priority, which is why we take tremendous pride in educating all our clients on the importance of a properly maintained and functioning residential gutter system. If your...

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