Create Your Perfect Home Addition

Advantages and Benefits of Home Additions

As homeowners we are all constantly looking for ways to enhance the appearance, aesthetics and overall value of our homes.  There are a number of benefits to home additions with one of the greatest advantages being the simple fact that room additions add value to your home while meeting the individual needs of your family and allowing for a bit more of added privacy in your living space. MODERN LAYOUTS AND DESIGNS Here at American Services of TN, LLC our team of dedicated renovation specialists is steadfast in our commitment to provide the highest quality renovation and remodeling services to all our valued clients.  Performing home additions is just one of the many services we provide and one way in which many of our customers can bring their own personality to their living space.  Our contractors and...

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Winter Home Renovation Projects to Consider

For most of us during the fall and winter season, when the weather is cooler, the days shorter and the nights longer, staying in and setting by a fireplace in the comfort of our own homes is typically the traditional way to spend time. Most of us don’t remotely think about home renovation projects, especially during the winter months. However, the team here at American Renovation Services has some winter renovation ideas that may very well just hit home for you. While it makes perfect sense to put off any major home renovation projects or remodeling until the warmer spring season, you shouldn’t overlook the simple fact that the winter months may also be an ideal time of year to perform some home improvement projects that you have forever been wanting to get done. The brisk...

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A Kitchen Renovation Directly Enhances Your Home’s Value

If you are a homeowner wanting to have a kitchen renovation performed, then we are the team for you.  Here at American Renovation Services, our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals take pride in our top-rated services, constructions and home remodeling and renovation project performances. As we all will agree, the kitchen is truly the heart of any home.  However, over time, you may find your kitchen is cluttered, cramped, quite outdated and perhaps even unattractive and dingy.  Your kitchen space should be not only inviting and appealing to your own family members, but to all your guests as well, especially if you spend a good deal of time entertaining guests or interacting with family. LET OUR TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS TAKE CARE OF YOUR KITCHEN REMODELING PROJECT There are a number of simple tweaks you can perform in...

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Patio Designs

The Benefits of Innovative Home Renovations

It only makes sense that the ideal way to give your home a whole new look is by way of home renovations.  Remodeling often is a great deal less costly than going out and finding a new home to buy.  American Renovation Services provides the highest quality, comprehensive and innovative remodeling and renovations that are perfect for any space in your home.  We are committed to providing our valued clients with renovations that ideally fit their lifestyle, their budget and their taste. Our team of dedicated professionals are on hand every step of the project from the initial design phase right on out to its completion date.  Our outstanding team of dedicated technicians and contractors is having the experience, expertise and know-how to handle nearly any type of home renovation or remodeling project.  From remodeling one...

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Deciding on the Ideal Fire Pit Design for Your Home

Fall is right around the corner now and many homeowners are starting to give some thought to installing that fire pit they have long been wanting.  With that said, when planning your perfect fire pit design there are a number of decisions you need to make.  Though your decisions are many, there is none quite as important as deciding on whether you want to install a wood burning or a gas fire pit. Each style has their own benefits, but the decision can still be quite challenging.  With that said the team here at American Renovation Services wants to share with you some straight forward comparisons between a wood burning fire pit and a gas fire pit, to help you with your decision making. SOME IMPORTANT FIRE PIT COMPARISONS Overall Cost – The biggest difference between the two...

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bathroom remodeling TN

Stylish Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Concepts

If you are considering a bathroom remodeling for your home, the team here at American Services of TN wants to share some new ideas and concepts you should consider when putting your remodeling plan in place.  The overall functionality of your bathroom should be the primary focus of your remodeling project, and we are confident these ideas and concepts will help. BATHROOM REMODELING IDEAS, CONCEPTS AND CONSIDERATIONS Plumbing – Upgrading from the typical 1 ½” pipes used for drains to a 2” drain pipe can make a desperate difference in minimizing drain clogs. We all know how much hair and other particles go down a drain and the problems that can arise.  With 2” drain pipe the less likely it is that your drain will clog. Bathroom Lighting – Recessed lighting fixtures in your bathroom ceiling...

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A New Backyard Patio Install is Perfect For all Your Seasonal Patio Parties

Summertime is in full bloom, which means lots of picnics, barbecues, family gatherings and parties and what better way to celebrate them all than on your very own stylish, fully functional backyard patio.  Here at American Services of TN you are our number one priority which is why our professional team is so committed to providing you with the highest quality products and installs this side of Nashville. Sitting on your own patio surrounded by all your family members and friends is a surefire way of enjoying the summer months and activities.  Basking in the warm weather and sunlight, smiling and laughing, sharing conversations, food and cocktails is something we all find favor with.  However, if you are looking to host the best backyard party or gathering this summer, then rest assured there are a few...

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An Attic Conversion Adds Style and Value to Your Home

Attic conversions are becoming more and more popular these days.  An attic conversion is not only a popular option but indeed a unique way to create and design an attractive living space in your home.  Though these conversions are performed more often in older homes, they can certainly add living space, elegance, and a whole new style to any style home at all. Whether you are in need of an in-law apartment, an added bedroom for the independent teenager in the family, a writing studio, an exercise or meditation room, or even an entertainment room or loft for the family to spend quality time together, an attic conversion is definitely an ideal option. If you are thinking of using the new space as a bedroom our team of experts will measure your furniture and be sure...

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Three Primary Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Backyard Deck Addition

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to not only increase the value of their homes, but enhance the overall appeal of their homes as well as their living space and comfort. With that said the folks here at American Renovation Services want to share with our valued clients three primary reasons why a deck addition is beneficial to your home and family. Installing a deck on your home may very well be one the best investments you can make for yourself and for your home and property. Here are three prime reasons why a deck is a great idea. Increased Value to Your Home Your home is by far one of the biggest investments you will make and indeed a long-term investment at that. The more upgrades and renovations you do to your home and the more...

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Smaller Budget Kitchen Renovation

Affordable, Full-Service Home Renovation Services

Here at American Renovation Services we are proud of our top-rated home improvement, remodeling, and home renovation services.   We are a full-service home renovation contractor that is dedicated to providing our valued clients with all their renovation and remodeling needs all within timelines that are accommodating to their needs and within their specific budgets.  Recognized as your go to company for all your home renovation and remodeling needs, the professionals here at American Renovation Services stand ready to meet your every need. From painting, window replacements, kitchen makeovers, bathroom renovations, and lighting to outdoor patios, decks, screened sunrooms and much more, we are the team for you.  Whatever your home remodeling or renovation project may be rest assured the professionals here at American Renovation Services have got you covered.  There is no home improvement or renovation...

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