replacement windows

Affordable and Stylish Window Replacements

As homeowners, I think we would all agree that our windows are an important feature of our homes, contributing to not only our security, but to the overall efficiency and the value of our homes as well. They truly serve as a portal for enjoying the great outdoors and add to the unique décor in every room of the house. Here at American Services of TN we fully understand the role your windows play in your home and want to help our clients recognize the indicators that it may be time to invest in some stylish replacement windows. IS IT TIME TO INVEST IN REPLACEMENT WINDOWS? There are a number of indicators to look for when trying to determine whether or not you should be thinking about new windows for your home. The professionals here at...

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kitchen cabinets

Important Facts About Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is often the most central point of any home.  The cabinets within your kitchen play a significant role in not only the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen but in its functionality as well.  Everybody loves cabinets simply because of their overall practical use from storing items and organizing space in your kitchen to providing a hidden space for items that would otherwise contribute to a whole lot of clutter on your kitchen counters.  Kitchen cabinets are often the most attractive element of a kitchen and even that of a bathroom, entertainment room or bedroom. NOT ONLY CABINETS ARE CREATED EQUAL Here at American Services of TN our dedicated team of remodeling and renovation specialists take pride in providing all our valued clients with the highest quality products and remodeling services this side of Nashville.  With...

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Home Improvement Specialists

Top-Rated Remodeling and Home Improvement Specialists

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes as well as their overall value.  Remodeling and renovation projects can certainly accomplish these goals set out by many homeowners.  With that said, if you are looking to perform a home improvement, renovation or remodeling project, then look to the team here at American Services of TN for your certified home improvement specialists. Our team of dedicated professionals strive to deliver the highest quality products and services to all our valued clients.  No matter what your preference is, the size or type of your renovation or remodeling project, or the budget you are working with, we are definitely the team for you.  Here at American Services of TN we are committed to performance excellence and take pride in our marketplace presence.  Having...

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Outdoor Living Space

Is It Time for You to Add to Your Outdoor Living Space

Well, Spring has arrived and summer is right around the corner and that means lots of family outdoor picnics, parties and gatherings. With that said, the team here at American Services of TN understand full well that many homeowners would surely love to have additional outdoor living space to accommodate not only their family and friends, but perhaps their favorite past times and their lifestyle as well. There are a number of options you can choose from to enhance your living space outdoors that can satisfy your need for more personal space to entertain or more space for your family to congregate together and share laughs, conversations and fun. Whatever your personal needs may be, rest assured the team of dedicated professionals here at American Services of TN are here to help. Our friendly consultants are...

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Hardwood Floors

Proper Maintenance Tips for Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors Hardwood floors are a very popular flooring choice for homeowners either building a custom home or renovating their existing home. From kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms to every bedroom in the house, this flooring option is a preferred choice by many. A VARIETY OF STYLES AND OPTIONS Available in a variety of tones including rich cherry, modern gray, deep mahogany and distressed maple to name a few, this appealing flooring option and style adds just the perfect touch of elegance and class to any room in the house. Durable, aesthetically appealing and easy to maintain, hardwood floors, though an investment in and of themselves, can have an extended lifespan when properly cleaned and maintained. MAINTENANCE TIPS Whether you are building a new custom home, or renovating your current home, when adding hardwood floors, it is important to...

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Nashville gutter cleaning

Affordable Nashville Gutter Cleaning Services

Owning a home certainly has its challenges. From maintaining all your appliances and home systems, including HVAC and plumbing, to tending to your roof, chimneys and gutters, the responsibilities and tasks are many. One of the more common tasks often overlooked by many homeowners is that of maintaining the appearance and functionality of their gutter system. With that said the team of dedicated professionals here at American Services of TN take pride in our top of the line, affordable Nashville gutter cleaning services we provide. Many homeowners fail to have a full understanding of the important role your gutter system plays in your home. When you neglect to perform annual gutter cleaning you may find yourself faced with unexpected costs down the road for the replacement of your gutters. Your gutter system provides both safety and...

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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Your Residential Hardscapes

As homeowners, we all understand the importance of keeping our homes and properties looking clean and organized. We perform routine home maintenance chores and tasks that help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of our homes. These tasks not only make our property look a whole lot more attractive but help to ensure that home components such as windows, roofs, and siding to name a few have a long lifespan and are fully functional at all times. Pressure washing is yet another professional service that can benefit your home and property. WHY PRESSURE WASHING? Here at American Services of TN our team of professionals wants to offer our valued clients insight on why giving proper care and treatment to your hardscapes can benefit your property. Hardscapes, such as concrete, pavers, asphalt, and stone need to be serviced on...

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Replacement Windows

Increase Energy Efficiency with Replacement Windows

Spring is finally here and summer right around the corner which means people will be enjoying the beautiful flowers, green lawns, attractive landscaping and a wide range of other spring and summer elements. How wonderful it is to enjoy all these outdoor elements day in and day out, but wouldn’t it also be ideal to take pleasure in these comforting elements from inside your home as well. With that said, the team here at American Services of TN takes pride in our top of the line home improvement and renovation services and that includes the installation of energy efficient replacement windows. Our premier windows not only afford you the luxury of taking in the beauty of the great outdoors, but also help to stop cold drafts that can easily find their way into your living space...

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Add to Your Outdoor Living Space and Help Combat These Difficult Times

With school and college closings, many public buildings off limits to people, canceled concerts and sports events, restaurants that can no longer welcome their guests, but merely provide takeout food, and ordered quarantines, is it any wonder that people are looking for ways to keep their health and sanity? The folks here at American Services of TN are on hand to help all our valued clients find ways to still spend quality time with family members without having to be locked up 24/7. With that said, adding to your outdoor living space during these difficult times is a surefire way to help bring some semblance of sanity and ‘life’ back into your world. A BEAUTIFUL, COMFORTABLE SPACE IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS OFFERS SAFETY AND DISTRACTIONS With the warm spring season now upon us everybody wants to be...

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Important Tips for a Successful Home Renovation

A home renovation project can be a bit challenging, but does not have to be stressful if you take certain steps to prepare for the upcoming construction.  Here at American Services of TN our team of dedicated professionals takes tremendous pride in our premier home renovation projects and in helping all our valued clients get the results they are looking for. With that said, we want to share with you some important tips to follow to ensure your renovation project is successful. Put Your Design and Construction Team in Place – Be sure to choose and assemble your renovation team in advance of any work starting to allow team members to collaborate together and present the design you want in the price range that is affordable to you. This holds true whether you are working with...

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