The Benefits a Deck Addition Offers to Your Home

For many homeowners, home improvement projects, though challenging, are an ideal way of enhancing the overall look and feel of your home.  There are a number of remodeling or renovations you can perform to help make your home a whole lot more comfortable and functional.  Here at American Services of TN, our team of dedicated consultants, designers and contractors are committed to providing all our valued clients with state of the art home additions and that includes a deck addition to your living space. THE BENEFITS OF A NEWLY DESIGNED DECK ADDITION When thinking about home improvements and upgrades to your home, a deck addition often comes to mind.  Installing a deck on your property may be one of the best upgrades for you and your family and can certainly be the perfect solution for entertaining guests...

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Three Primary Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Backyard Deck Addition

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to not only increase the value of their homes, but enhance the overall appeal of their homes as well as their living space and comfort. With that said the folks here at American Renovation Services want to share with our valued clients three primary reasons why a deck addition is beneficial to your home and family. Installing a deck on your home may very well be one the best investments you can make for yourself and for your home and property. Here are three prime reasons why a deck is a great idea. Increased Value to Your Home Your home is by far one of the biggest investments you will make and indeed a long-term investment at that. The more upgrades and renovations you do to your home and the more...

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Why Not Modernize Your Outdoor Living Space and Take it to the Next Level?

Here in Nashville the professional contractors at American Renovation Services take tremendous pride in the number of happy, satisfied clients, we have served who are enjoying their newly enhanced outdoor living space, designed and created by our dedicated professionals.  Whether a deck, patio or screened in porch our team of expert builders and contractors are equipped to handle them all.  Many of the new structures and layouts we have designed and built are attached to homes with installed doors that lead directly to the main living space.  However, the construction of gazebos, pavilions, sheds and even uniquely designed patios that are unattached still serve the many needs of our clients. Whether you prefer a patio or sun porch for recreational purposes, or a detached shed for arts and crafts, tools and outdoor equipment or even an...

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Renovate and Update for Spring!

Add beauty and function to your home with updates just in time for spring! The professional remodeling team at American Services of Tennessee stand ready to serve Nashville-area homeowners with exciting spring upgrades. From bathrooms and kitchens to porches, patios and decks, we have the experience and knowledge to make your dreams of a updated space become reality! Let's take a look at some of the renovate and update options American Services of TN can help you achieve. Kitchens and Bathrooms Do you sometimes feel that your kitchen or bathroom has become dated and stale? Perhaps even basic upgrades such as new fixtures, faucets and paint can give your space a fresh new look. Or maybe you'd like to update your flooring to some of the beautiful, new tile options. These jobs can typically be performed in...

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Update your Outdoor Space with a Beautiful Deck!

The Nashville deck builders at American Services of TN are beginning to get busy with new deck projects. With a beautiful spring on the way, many Nashville homeowners are turning to our deck builders to make their backyard space a spot where they can gather with friends and family throughout the year. Adding a deck adds a great living space to a home. Decks are customizable to fit your style and your project’s goals. Plus, with new choices in decking materials, they are built to last. If building your home’s deck is something you’d like to get done before the grilling weather begins, the time to start is now! A well-built, thoughtfully designed deck will be around for many years to come. It adds beauty, functionality, and value to your home. The longevity of your deck...

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Patio Designs

Patio Designs that Will Make You The Envy of All Your Neighbors

Many homeowners find themselves wanting to either update their outdoor patio living space or perhaps even plan to build and install a whole new backyard oasis from the ground up. Whether you are upgrading or performing a new build, it is important to give focus to the design and layout of your new outdoor living space. The overall success of your home improvement project or even the failure is more often than not defined by the attention to detail given to each element of your patio project. With that said, the folks here at American Renovation Services are proud of our superior patio designs and layouts and are on hand to help you upgrade or install your patio with all the important elements accounted for. Every element from hardscaping to the final accessories and trims need...

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refresh your property

Summer is Here – Time to Think About That Dream Deck and Screened Porch

Summer is here, which means lots of picnics, backyard parties and celebrations. Cookouts and barbecues are truly a primary part of every family’s summer fun and the perfect time of year to think about installing a larger deck and screened porch for hanging out, partying, entertaining and dining. Do you ever find yourself dreaming about a screened porch or perhaps a bigger deck? Well, if so, you have surely come to the right place. Here at American Renovation Services we take tremendous pride in our superior products, services, and designs. We are committed and dedicated to providing all our valued clients with outdoor living designs that not only suit their current home décor but add elegance and style to their backyard living. A combination of deck and screened porch is ideal since summer showers have a...

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Nashville Sunroom

Quality Outdoor Living With A Stylish Sunroom and Deck

If you are like so many other homeowners always in search of appealing ways to add to your outdoor living space, then surely you have come to the right place. From sunrooms, decks and patios to outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, homeowners everywhere take pride in adding both style and design to their homes and backyards. The team here at American Renovation Services is on hand to offer creative ideas for your outdoor living space. Adding a sunroom and deck is often a favored choice by so many homeowners and is surely the perfect combination to add style and appeal to your home. The professionals here at American Renovation Services take tremendous pride in our creative outdoor remodeling services including custom decks and sunroom additions unique in style and design. Sunrooms are surely becoming more and...

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Prepping your Backyard Deck for Family Summer Activities

As most of us know, a backyard deck is one of the most challenging ‘living spaces’ to keep in prime shape. When you first installed your deck, rest assured the new, nicely stained surface was much to boast about. But season after season, year after year, your deck is exposed to nature’s elements which take away from that perfectly attractive appearance. Here at American Renovation Services we are fully aware of the significant role your backyard deck plays in your family’s summer fun and activities. With that said our highly skilled technicians stand ready to provide maintenance and repair to your deck and give it that ‘just like new’ look all over again. The UV rays of the sun, rain, snow, ice, and both freezing and thawing conditions contribute greatly to the deterioration of your deck’s...

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